Covid-19 2nd peak: As daily cases rise, what Centre says on lockdown

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In his meeting with state chief ministers, PM Modi stressed on the need of creating micro-containment zones to effectively handle the present Covid-19 situation where cases are again on the rise.

On March 25, 2020, a nationwide lockdown was imposed in India to contain the spread of the Covid-19 infection. All movements, including that of trains, flights, buses, were prohibited. Only essential services were allowed. As one year of the imposition of the lockdown approaches, several states are imposing local lockdowns, border restrictions to make sure cases are not imported from areas that are particularly reporting a massive outbreak.

However, there is not likely to be another national-level lockdown, the Centre has made it clear as the focus is on tracking new infections, not shutting down establishments. In its latest guideline for the month of April, the ministry of home affairs said all activities have been permitted outside containment zones. These activities include movement by passenger trains; air travel; metro trains; schools; higher educational institutions; hotels and restaurants; shopping malls, multiplexes and entertainment parks; yoga centres and gymnasiums; exhibitions, assemblies and congregations, etc.

Focus on Covid-19 test-track-treat, may impose district-level lockdown: Centre.

While the SOPs (Standard operating procedure) for each of these activities will have to be followed, there will be no restriction on the interstate and intrastate movement of persons and goods, the Centre said. By restrictions, it meant separate permission, approval, e-permit, while most states are making Covid-19 tests mandatory for people coming from other states.


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