Arc browser now available for Windows: What it is, how to download, install | Tech News

Arc browser now available for Windows: What it is, how to download, install | Tech News

The Browser Company has released its Arc browser for Windows 11. Based on the free and open-source Chromium engine, the Arc browser for Windows 11 is built on Apple’s Swift programming language. It essentially allows the Windows version of the browser to maintain features parity with the Apple version.

However, the initial version of the Arc browser for Windows lacks some features that are supported on Apple’s macOS version, such as Little Arc that opens a link in a floating pop-up window. On the other hand, the Windows version of the Arc browser supports touchscreen.

The Arc browser from Browser Company is currently limited to Windows 11, but support for Windows 10 is in the works – according to a news report on Tech Crunch.

Arc browser for Windows 11: Details

Similar to the Mac version, the Arc browser for Windows 11 has a collapsible sidebar positioned at the left side. This is where all the action happens, while the main browser window remains free from distraction. Below are the features offered by Arc browser on Windows:

Spaces: Serve as a bin or a folder where you can nest tabs into distinct sets tailored for various tasks such as “Work” and “Home”.

Profiles: Dedicated profiles for different users allow the browser to segregate browsing data and preferences, thereby enabling a personalised browsing experience.

Split view: Shows multiple tabs side-by-side within a single window for improved multitasking.

Split view

Picture-in-picture video player: Allows users to stream videos in a pop-up window, which is moveable. This functionality is said to enhance user productivity by eliminating the need to switch between tabs or windows, thereby streamlining the browsing experience.

Arc browser for Windows: How to download

Since Windows natively supports third-party app downloads from their respective websites, the Arc browser can be downloaded and installed directly from the Browsing Company’s web portal. It is currently not available on the Microsoft Store. Therefore, follow the steps to download the Arc browser on Windows 11:

Open any browser and go to –

Tap on the “Download Arc for Windows 11” option.

Grant permission to download, if the pop-up appears, and select the folder to download the installer package.

Go to the folder where the installer package is and double click on it.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the browser.

Once done, the browser icon will appear on the home screen. If not, go to the start-up menu and manually search for “Arc” to find the browser. You can pin it to the taskbar for convenience. 

First Published: May 01 2024 | 12:25 PM IST

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