Airtel becomes the first Indian telecom to offer 1 GBPS Internet over Wi-Fi


The telecom giant has not just launched a 1GBPS fiber connection as part of Airtel Xstream fiber, but also a router that can deliver this over Wi-Fi, while others are only able to do this via a LAN cable. The whole family can enjoy ultra-fast internet, no matter how speed-intensive the tasks are.

Technology is changing the way we live and work, and 2020 was proof enough. The pandemic had forced physical office spaces to shut down, causing businesses to embrace the ‘work from home’ model. If there’s one thing the world heavily relied on, it was the home internet connection, which has been stretched beyond capacity. Whether it’s children taking online classes, or parents attending their Zoom meetings, never has there been a time, when the entire house has been constantly connected to the Wi-Fi, and that, too, on multiple devices.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of Wi-Fi connections haven’t been able to keep up, leaving consumers disappointed. As always, Airtel has been ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the need of the consumers. Providing innovative solutions has always been their mission and today, it enjoys a favourable position as one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies offering mobile, fixed broadband, digital TV solutions, and mobile commerce to over 400 million customers across India, South Asia and Africa.

Say hello to blazing-fast internet

To meet the increasing demand for bandwidth by consumers, Airtel has now launched a 1GBPS plan as part of Airtel Xstream fiber. If you’re not able to imagine exactly how fast 1GBPS is, let’s give you an example: you can download a 4GB 4K video in only three minutes. Or download a 95GB game in under 20 minutes! And it’s an unlimited plan. So no matter what kind of an internet user you are, Airtel Xstream fiber has you covered.


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